I am amazed of the differences I feel within myself.

I was going to give you a call but know that you see different people throughout your day. So, I figured I would send an email that you could read at your convenience. I am writing because I wanted to thank you again. I am amazed at some of the differences I feel within myself. Not that I have become a different person but that more of the person I want to be has surfaced. This is a difference not only I feel. I have had people tell me there is something different. They can see it, hear it and even feel it. I feel of worth. I feel I have something to offer others. I believe my feelings are valid. My thinking in certain ways is clearer…to me and to others when I express myself. I feel more confident in what I say. I am able to understand, sort and except the emotions I feel so much better than before. I have worked so long on many of these things and I believe Mondays session has truly helped me to take a giant leap toward my goal of mastering these aspects in my life. I am very excited about seeing you for next Mondays appointment.

I am thankful my friend insisted on my making an appointment to meet with you. I know I could have seen numerous other hypnotherapists and they too would have had many tools to help me reach my goals BUT it is not just the tools you have, it is also who you are that makes our appointments so amazing. You have a gift. A way with people. You see life and situations in a way that many can not. You do not sit there and give me the answers but instead know the right questions to ask to make me realize I already have those answers in which I am in search of within myself. You are an amazing hypnotherapist but also an amazing woman. Thank you for being you. Trish

Does Hypnosis work for Alcoholism?

Does Hypnosis work for Alcoholism?

From the age of 19 to 54 I fought the booze. I tried implants, AA incl 12 step programme cold turkey. affirmations. Promises, Bets, all to no avail. Like most alcoholics I would stop drinking for a few weeks or a few months at a time be as proud as punch and the next thing bang. As they say its not the 6th or 7th drink that makes you drunk its the first one. I attended 5 hypnotherapy sessions and that was two and a half years ago. I haven’t and do not have the slightest desire or thoughts about drinking. That’s the catch. If you can assist the client to overcome the mental desire and thinking about it I think part of the battle is won. Its a known fact that the body clears itself of all traces of alcohol in 7 days.Thereafter the problem lies within the sub-conscious. There is no cure for alcoholism but I am totally happy living my life as a dry alcoholic and I attribute my dryness to hypnotherapy I also accept that one drink could bring on the down spiral all over again.. posted Hypnothoughts.org

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation Works

Linda K:  I went to Napa Hypnosis and worked with Christine Hannah in May of 2013, for help quit smoking, and have done well, I have also had the opportunity to work with her on other needs by means of hypnosis and through sessions with her have been able to heal. Christine is honest and very dedicated to her work as a hypnotist! She follows with you after! All I can say is I have gained so much by taking that first step in May and look forward to continued success!

Fear of Snakes?

I was a skeptic. Why? Because I was a therapist for years. I know how it works.

However, I have a debilitating fear of snakes. Ridiculous. Being in the wine industry, seeing them on the property happens and causes complete terror. So when I heard about Christine, I thought – “Why not give it a try? What can I lose?” I couldn’t be happier with the results! Now, I don’t know if my fear of snakes is diminished, but what I can say is that I have hit a state of relaxation I never thought I could achieve. I am a high strung, type A person and going through a couple of sessions with Christine has allowed me to manage stress in ways I never thought possible.

Christine is warm, kind and has a way of putting you at ease. I highly suggest to go in to this experience with an open mind and allow yourself to let go. I know, easier said than done. But believe me, it’s possible and it works. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Christine. I am…a believer.

Hypnosis helps Diabetic Patient

I had the opportunity to visit Christine at Napa Hypnosis and I had a wonderful experience. My first visit gave me an amazing burst of energy and the feeling stayed with me for several weeks. My last visit we concentrated on my diabetes at the start of the session I checked my sugar levels and they measured 165 immediately after the session we measured again and it was 140 which is the number my doctor would like to see me achieve in the morning after waking up. Since my visit although through the day it goes up to around 150 since the session I always wake at around 140, even my doctor is pleasantly surprised.
The whole experience was relaxing, and pleasant plus Christine could not have been nicer or more understanding I am looking forward to going back.