According to Yelp reviews, the number one preferred Hypnotherapy office in Napa County.

Here at Napa Hypnosis we utilize hypnotherapeutic techniques to help you gain freedom from your past. Through suggestions to your subconscious mind, to Napa Hypnosis! We enable you to gain power, freedom, and relaxation. Whether you are looking to relax, free yourself from anxiety and phobias, or whether you want  to manage your weight, we are here to help.

Hypnosis is not a state of sleep. It is a natural state of mind that can produce extraordinary levels of relaxation. Through Hypnotherapy your subconscious mind empowers you to free yourself fr
Christine Hannah is the founder and owner of Napa Hypnosis. She  is highly recognized for her success in treating a variety of conditions via  the power of  hypnosis. In her practice, she utilizes interview techniques combined with discussions and hypnotic methods.  Her  goal with any treatment is to achieve effective, profound and long-lasting results. Christine Hannah has received her diploma in Hypnotherapy from the American Council of Hypnotists Examiners.om your past, removing attachment to unpleasant memories and finding peace during sessions. Clients are  leaving our office feeling  empowered, rejuvenated and relaxed.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. “My golf {game} was a little better and I did not get as angry as usually. I felt I was more in control of my emotions and anger even outside of golf. And that is a good thing.” – Michael

  2. “I feel some improvement since last weeks visit, I would like to continue a positive outlook and feel my body and mind become more relaxed and open to new ideas.” Gina

  3. “After my first hypnosis session I have felt better about myself and my relationship with my fiancee. I have been more aware of my diet and exercise more. I feel more rested and feel happier at work because my stressful job appears more manageable. I am looking forward to the next session.” Paul

  4. It is now Tuesday May 29, 2012 and I have not smoked since my last session on Monday, April 2, 2012.!!

  5. I have had amazing results since starting with Christine 4 weeks ago. My goal with her has been to be enthusiastic about exercising, to stop using food as comfort when I am stressed or unhappy and to loose weight.

    After my very first session with her, I went and signed up at a gym. I HATE gyms! I have had an aversion to exercise and especially gyms since I was a young adult. Well, no more. I have done a 180 degree turn around! Now I plan my days around what class I am going to take at the gym! If I am unable to make it to a class I want I find another one, or I walk for several miles. I have also started walking from my house to the gym instead of taking my car. The classes I have enjoyed the most, (and I can’t even believe I am using the word enjoy) are some of the hardest ones, spin class, circuit training and a barbell class. All of the suggestions Christine gave me in that one session I have embraced. I enjoy going, I look forward to it and I feel good.

    The second session happened only a few days ago and we addressed eating for emotional reasons. Since that session, I have felt more energized than before and have a greater desire to eat more responsibly and healthy.

    I look forward to my sessions with Christine. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable. She even makes it easy for you to go under hypnosis for the very first time. If you are toying with the idea of using hypnotherapy as a way to address issues and to motivate you to be the person you’ve been wanting to become, I urge you not THINK about it anymore. DO it and make an appt. today to change your life for the better!!! You won’t regret it!


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