Here at Napa Hypnosis we utilize hypno-therapeutic techniques to help you gain freedom from your past. Through suggestions to your subconscious mind, we enable you to gain power, freedom, and relaxation. Whether you are looking to relax, free yourself from anxiety and phobias, or whether you want  to manage your weight, we are here to help.

Many of my clients first believe they have little control over their anxiety and as a result continue to suffer. The first step in achieving relief is to realize that you do have some control over the situation. While anxiety disorders are not a state of mind that you can control, you can take action in order to begin changing behaviors and even thoughts that can contribute to your anxiety. With Hypnosis can make feel yourself centered and when you begin to feel an anxiety attack coming on. Such statements might include:

  • “I will be alright.”
  • “I can get through this.”
  • “Nothing is going to harm me.”

Changing the direction of your thoughts when an anxiety attack begins can actually redirect the signals your body. Your body releases hormones and soon as you change your thoughts the chemistry in your body changes. Hypnosis will decrease and even eventually begin to eliminate those symptoms.

Many individuals have also found breathing exercises to be particularly helpful in treating anxiety attacks. One of the most common symptoms associated with a anxiety attacks is the inability to breathe properly. In most cases, individuals begin to hyperventilate and as they breathe faster, they begin to experience other symptoms such as dizziness. By taking the time to learn breathing exercises, you can also lessen your symptoms.

Free yourself of negative thoughts and negative feelings and call Napa Hypnosis today (707) 257-6000

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