Hypnosis for Golf

Now we have MP3 available to improve your Mental Golf Game ($15)

What if you could lower your handicap? What if you could experience noticeable improvement in your mind game?

What if you could make better use of professional instruction?

Pick a time in the future, any time….. You can chose a time, a few weeks away, even a month or two.  What would you like your handicap to be? I’ll pick the middle of next summer, you pick the handicap? It doesn’t even have to seem realistic.

Ultimately it will become an exercise in elevating your personal skills to the level of challenges that the game of golf puts between you and you desired score.

Tied into any goal, is an action plan. Action plans can be looked at in a variety of ways. I assist clients in viewing a course of action backwards.

The commitment to follow an action plan, is a commitment to practice. Practice with a teaching pro, practice alone, physical conditioning, all translating into hard work. This is not news to a person who loves this game. What is also no surprise is the degree to which the golfers mind affects his or her game. How often have you heard “If there ever was a mind game, golf is it.” How often have you said it yourself?

Hypnosis therapy is designed to give you increasing control on the golf course, make better use of instructions you receive from your teaching pro. Peak Performance goals are basically to enhance mental skills and reduce the blocks to success.

What tools will you have to choose from? Relaxation, visualization, self hypnosis and hypnosis are basic, intermediate and advanced techniques used frequently and quite successfully by athletes and increasingly for business and academic performance.  Where and when will you apply these skills? Key to performance enhancement and assist their athletes developing strategies to neutralize their impact. They listed the following: Self talk [negative] and its impact on performance, peak performance zone management, refocus after a poor performance or distraction and finally pre- competition preparation. Since each applies as well to golf clients as well as competitive high achievers.

The importance of developing skills to enable you to relax, quickly and completely, is well recognized by people in business as well as sports. The ability to reduce or eliminate negative stress while maintaining positive levels of stress seems to increase as an athlete looks more closely at how he or she experiences these various dynamics.

Visualization, a common and well documented training tool for athletes, goes hand in hand with relaxation, as a method to improve your game. Begin to notice how often you visualize. As you look more closely, you may begin to observe the degree of detail that you experience. Some golfers chose to think about a shot, seeing the rhythm & tempo of their swing, watching the ball flight etc.

While some will see a putting green, others will actually feel the turf under their feet, they may smell the grass, feel the weight of the putter in their hands & the pressure as they place the putter head down on the turf. Visualization allows clients to play a difficult shot over & over, hit numerous shots out of the sand or repeat the perfect drive. It’s a great training tool, give it a try.

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