Dr Oz: Easy Weight Loss via Hypnosis

“Dr Oz was joined by world-famous Hypnotist Paul McKenna to do a segment on Hypnosis for Weight Loss. Can hypnosis make you lose weight? Doctor Oz said he learned about Hypnosis in medical school and there may be profound powers within Hypnosis to stop yourself from sabotaging your diet. You can unlock powers that cause you to overeat. Paul McKenna taught us how to Hypnotize ourselves at home too – all you need is to dim the lights and grab a fork and knife.

Dr Oz & Paul McKenna

Dr Oz said that Paul McKenna has many top selling books including “I Can Make You Thin” and another book on hypnosis to stop smoking, which has a 97% success rate! Paul McKenna has a PhD in human behavior, but when he was a little boy, his school told him that he would never amount to anything. He became a radio broadcaster and a Hypnotist did Hypnosis on McKenna which made him realize how powerful it is and that it really works. So McKenna decided that he wanted to learn how to use it to help people quit smoking, lose weight and become more self confident.

Dr Oz: What Is Hypnosis?

Dr Oz asked Paul McKenna what is hypnosis? McKenna said that it is a procedure that involves concentration and relaxation and communicated with your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is the source of creativity in your body and what makes your body do everything automatically (such as making your heart beat). McKenna said that Hypnosis reprograms your mind like it is a computer so that you can overcome phobias, fears and lose weight. He said that he never hypnotizes people to do things that they do not want to do.

Dr Oz: Does Hypnosis Work?

Dr Oz told Paul McKenna that he has many skeptics, so what does he tell those people? He said he does this for himself because it is his passion and he gets self-esteem from helping other people. He said that he has made a real breakthrough in the area of weight loss, but that everyone should always be skeptical. So the best thing to do is to try it out and see what you think of it.

Dr Oz Live Hypnosis

Paul McKenna took a few people from Dr Oz’s audience and hypnotized them before the show began. He said that they can hear everything he says, but when he snaps his finger and says go to sleep, they go into a daydream-like state. As McKenna did this to several people in Dr Oz’s audience, they all closed their eyes and looked very relaxed. Then McKenna told them to imagine that they are sitting at the seaside with the orange sun warming you, and that they should reach back and wipe off their brow. Sure enough, everyone leaned back and touched their brow or forehead area. Then, McKenna said to think about something funny like a funny movie, and all of them started laughing hard. Finally, McKenna said that when he snaps his hands they will sleep and relax, and they all stopped laughing immediately. Then he told them that when you awaken you will not be hypnotized and you will feel awake and alert. He snapped his fingers and said “Wakey Wakey” and sure enough they all opened their eyes. Do you think this really happened or that all of the people were acting? It was just so unbelievable and remarkable that it is hard to fathom unless it is actually done to you I guess!

Dr Oz: How Hypnosis Works

Dr Oz asked Paul McKenna how he was able to do everything he did? He said that he talked to them before the show and relaxed them deeply. He woke them up and put them to “sleep” several times so that they were trained to go to sleep very quickly. I wish they had shown what McKenna did to everyone before the show began!

Dr Oz: Emotional Eating Hypnosis

Dr Oz said that there are two patterns Paul McKenna thinks keeps everyone from being thin. One is Emotional Eating, like eating when you are lonely or bored. This is the number one reason that people overeat. McKenna asked a lady what drives her to do Emotional Eating? She said frustration. You can do Emotional Eating Hypnosis by tapping on various acupuncture meridian points. For example, think about the feeling of frustration for a moment. Then, tap on the back of your hand and hum. Next, tap under your eye and tap on your collarbone. Repeat the tapping under your eye and the tapping on your collarbone. Immediately afterward you should feel much less frustrated. This Hypnosis helps to de-link a thought feeling. After doing this several times you should feel much better.

Dr Oz: Obsessive Dieting Hypnosis

Paul McKenna said the second that that keeps people from being thin is Obsessive Dieting, which is the case for Janice who has tried every diet that you can think of – high protein, low carb, low fat, protein powders and pills. All she thinks about is dieting and eating. She usually starts a diet on Monday and by Wednesday or Thursday she eats something bad and the diet is out the window until the next Monday. Janice said that she feels frustrated, angry, guilty and terrible about herself. There is a simple technique that helps a lot of people, because most people think about food all day long except for when they are actually eating and then they shovel the food in as quickly as they can. McKenna showed Janice eating pizza at her computer for one meal and then eating pizza with a blindfold on for another meal so that she could not see her computer or distractions. When she was blindfolded, she ate about half as much. Simply by slowing down the speed you eat at and getting rid of distractions when you eat can make all the difference.

Dr Oz: Fork & Knife Hypnosis

Paul McKenna told everyone in Dr Oz’s audience to take a fork and knife and to retrain their muscle memory. Most people eat very fast, but when you chew your food slowly you digest it better and you will eat significantly less without feeling like you are missing out. Hold your fork and knife and imagine your favorite food is in front of you. Cut a little bite and put it in your mouth. Put down the fork and knife and chew your bite 20 times. By doing this, you will retrain your muscle and learn to eat slowly so that you will eat much less food.

What do you think about Hypnosis for Weight Loss? Does it work? Is it something worth trying? Have you or someone you know tried it and been successful? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below! I am very curious as to whether I should give Hypnosis Weight Loss a try!”

– Re-Posted from Dr. Ozs’ Interview with Paul McKenna


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